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February 21, 2013

    What would you do if you awoke one morning to find yourself back in your freshman year of high school? Aside from the obvious freaking the hell out, what would you do? I think about how I would have done things differently all the time, not necessarily because I’m displeased with my present life, just as far as what I could have accomplished by now and what haven’t in real life. I would focus on school and nothing but school. I would get straight A’s and get the hell out of dodge. Try to graduate early and get to college early. Start a professional career early and start making professional wages early. 
    The real question is, since I smoke weed a lot now, would I do so in the past knowing what I know now…I’m not 100% sure. Maybe after I had a professional job where I can toke a few hits after a long day. I dunno….I’m just ranting, but that’s why I got this site to do….to rant and let what’s inside my head escape for a little bit. I feel like a failure and a loser ….a lot actually. I wish I didn’t feel that way so often.


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